Rich275 DESIGNS is a unique company in the tactical equipment world. We are an independent equipment designer and evaluator. We are not a manufacturer or retailer of tactical equipment. All of our staff members are real world, full time employees in either law enforcement, military special operations, tactical training and the fire/rescue services. We pride ourselves in being "end users" that your company and products are targeting.

Equipment Designs

Rich275 DESIGNS studies the market looking for trends and progress in tactical equipment. We try to anticipate what products end-users need, create samples and perform initial field trials to validate proof of concept. Once a design has been validated, we offer the product to the most appropriate manufacturer for production and sale. Rich275 DESIGNS has been involved with the design of several major tactical products and innovations. These include: the first tactical vest purpose built to carry a hydration reservoir, the first tactical sling built with a quick release feature and the design of a sip-through device for a major water bottle manufacturer. Most recently, the design of the first, law enforcement (concealable) vest cummerbund system.  

Equipment Evaluations

Your company has people inside who you rely on for product development and review. You probably have some "friends of the company" who aid in giving you feedback. What you don't have is in independent group to give you a no-BS assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of your product. With us, your product will be evaluated by real-world users in the very same market that you are trying to reach. Rich275 DESIGNS uses a five point scale over ten categories to evaluate your product and will provide to you detailed, unbiased information to help you bring a better product to market.

Equipment Reviews

Rich275 DESIGNS can assist in the presentation of your products to the public market. We don't just write a "here's-how-big-the-pockets-are" or a "here's what the material is" review. We will put your product through expert field trials to showcase the benefits and features of your item and company. Within each review, we try to include either some type of real work example or lesson learned, exemplifying the products features and benefits.


Rich275 DESIGNS owner, Richard Hecht, has been in the tactical equipment design and evaluation business for almost 20 years. Most of that work has been in a "behind-the-scenes, friend-of-the-business" kind of way. In 2008, Hecht realized that product manufacturers and retailers could benefit from an independent evaluation and review resource, and inventors could benefit from a dedicated idea-management firm.


Here's the really great part about Rich275 DESIGNS, there is no cost to manufacturers for doing business with us. Really. Ok, well, sort of really. Rich275 DESIGNS absorbs the cost for all initial design work and proof of concept evaluations. Selling a product idea to you is how we make our money. Product evaluations and reviews are currently done free of charge as a way for us to get our name into the market and build a customer base. All it may cost you are the shipping charges, not to mention the benefits of you bringing a better product to your customers.

What We Test and What We Don't

Rich275 DESIGNS is primarily interested in field equipment, clothing, uniforms and weapon accessories. We do not test weapons, ammunition or armor for ballistic protection. We will test them for "usability," "comfort" and "compatibility" with other items.

Company owner, Richard Hecht, has been a full-time, deputy sheriff since 1991. He served eleven years with his department's SWAT team, has been a member of the firearms training cadre since 2004 and currently serves in the Patrol Division.

Rich served four years with 2/75 Ranger Battalion and participated in Operation Just Cause in 1989. Rich is also a (very slow) long-time runner, cyclist, hiker, triathlete and has had articles published in Tactical Response magazine and the NTOA's The Tactical Edge.